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Workforce Training Scholarship Application

Applicant Information
Do you live in Wabash County?* *
*Grow Wabash County local scholarships are reserved for Wabash County residents BUT depending on what program you want training in and your answers below you may qualify for state grant funds or funding from other partners like WorkOne.
Do you work in Wabash County? *
Are you over 18 years of age? *
Number of members living in Household
Identify the number of people living in your household including any residents temporarily away from the surveyed family (e.g. college students, persons on extended vacation, etc.)
Below Above
1 person | $36,600
2 people | $41,800
3 people | $47,050
4 people | $52,250
5 people | $56,450
6 people | $60,650
7 people | $64,800
8+ people | $69,000
Find the number of household members and the dollar figure that is next to it. Is the employee's family gross yearly income above or below this figure? Your figure should include anyone who contributes their income to the family. If gross annual household income is above, check "above". If it is below, check "below". 1. Income is determined by computing the total income of all family members for the last three (3) months and then multiplying that number by four (4), including persons temporarily away from the family/house. Note: Income is not limited to salaries, wages, and tips. All other forms of income as specified by the Internal Revenue Service should be included (e.g. payments received from social security, pensions, annuities, dividends, taxable interest income, tax exempt interest income, IRA distributions, etc.)
What is your employment status?
Has your employment status negatively changed due to COVID19?
If your company is sponsoring you to attend program please include your supervisors information.
If your company is sponsoring you to attend program please include your supervisors information.
Which program are you interested in receiving a scholarship for?
What is your level of education?
Have you been negatively impacted by COVID19?
Are you eligible to work in the US?
How did you hear about this program?
A Grow Wabash County team member will be in touch once you submit your application.
If you have any questions contact 260.563.5258 or email