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Executive Director

Parkview Wabash Hospital
Job Description
Waypoint (Wabash Recovery Services) 

Executive Director Job Description 

Contact: Marilyn Custer-Mitchell

Position Summary: 
Responsible for overall operations of Waypoint.  As part of the operational management: sets and monitors quality standards; develops and maintains content of all programs; establishes and promotes growth of services in the provider community and with referral sources; supervises delivery of client services by staff; guides strong fiscal performance of services; and ensures excellent service to clients and partners.  The Executive Director reports directly to the Board President. Hours and pay are flexible and negotiable. 

Education/Certification Requirements: 
  • Bachelor degree or higher desired. 
  • Minimum 3 to 5 years management or related experience, preferably with a not-for-profit organization is desired. 
  • Experience working with people with Substance Use Disorder is desired. 

Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • Establishes, integrates and monitors all services/programming with clients within the philosophy, mission and purpose of Waypoint. 
  • Establish and implement operational policies and procedures for a recovery home 
  • Develop strong relationships with referral sources. 
  • Develop and implement the appropriate volunteer program to assist in the operations of a recovery home. 
  • Develop quality standards for the operations of the house. 
    • Compile, review and analyze these standards, reporting to the Board on a regular basis. 
    • Implement and manage and supervise all activities in accordance with State and National Standards. 
  • Identify and evaluate possible grants for Waypoint related to the houses and services offered. 
    • Apply for such grants when appropriate. 
  • Provides and facilitates outreach and linkage efforts across the entire service area to all relevant and consumer self-help groups (A.A., N. A., Al Anon, etc.), industry referral sources, court and school referral programs and other community agencies in the in the treatment and prevention of substances use.   
  • Actively manages all marketing activities for Waypoint 
  • Develops an annual budget and financial reports.  
    • Maintains direct accountability for development, monitoring and effective accomplishment of financial goals related to budget, performance expectations and appropriate management accountabilities. 
  • Makes decisions in an ethical, effective and sound manner. 
  • Adheres to corporate compliance/risk management/safety standards 
  • Displays an open-minded attitude 
  • Establishes priorities; conceptualizes and organizes time and resources to accomplish the job. 
  • Regularly work with clients, referral sources and community partners to evaluate service needs, adjusting services as appropriate and able. 
  • Consistently anticipates the needs of customers and puts those needs first 
  • Demonstrates commitment to service and contributes to creating a positive, caring environment. 
  • Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills, including a demonstrated high proficiency and enthusiasm with public speaking. 
  • Demonstrated strategic thinking skills with the ability to articulate a strategy to achieve a vision, ensuring alignment of organizational objectives to leveraged talent and resources. 
  • Flexible to work a varying schedule as position may require early morning, late evening and/or weekend work. 
  • Accountable and responsible to the Board of Directors; reports directly to the Board President. 
  • Reports to the Board regularly on financial, and quality metrics for the organization.
Community Relationships 
  • Develop community partners to assist us in providing strong, stable services to clients. 
  • Develops and oversees implementation of a Fund development plan. 
    • Develop partners to assist in ongoing fundraising/fund development for the recovery houses. 
  • Networks with community agencies/resources to promote a positive working relationship. 
  • Responsible for hiring, training /education of all staff. 
  • Assigns work evenly, holds employees accountable for results, appropriately administers praise or corrective action, complete annual performance review 
  • Resolves conflicts positively and constructively administers fair and equitable personnel policies, creates a positive work environment and encourages, respects and values the contributions of all individuals. 
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