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Probationary Police Officer

City of Wabash
Job Description
A person submitting an application to the Wabash Police Department, for consideration for the position of Probationary Police Officer shall meet the following requirements:
1. Be a citizen of the United States of America.
2. Reside within the county in which the city is located; or a county that is contiguous to the county in which the city is located, as set forth under IC: 36-8- 4-2
3. Be a graduate of an accredited high school and possess a diploma.
4. Be not less that twenty-one (21) years of age prior to appointment date
5. Date of birth shall be supported by a certification or an affidavit properly sworn and subscribed and recorded in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court in the county of birth.
6. Be able to perform the essential functions and requirements set forth in the Position Description of the Patrol Division of the Wabash Police Department.
7. Complete in satisfactory manner, a thorough physical and mental examination which will be conducted by a physician or therapist recommended by the Wabash Police Pension Board.
8. Possession a valid Indiana Drivers License.
9. Not have been found guilty of any violations of the law except a minor traffic offense.
10. Be of good character, appearance and personality.
11. Possess a good prior work-attendance record; a check will be made with previous employers.
12. Possess an Honorable discharge from any former military service.
13. Sign waivers and agree to background checks, polygraph examinations, credit checks, as well as a drug screening test.
14. Provide copies of birth certificate, high school transcript. (Most high schools insist on mailing transcripts directly to the prospective employers and this is acceptable.)
15. Provide transcripts showing course study and grades obtained from any college or university that the applicant has attended.
16. Provide copy of military discharge documents, if applicable. (DD-214)
**Omission of any one of these requirements may be sufficient cause to disqualify the applicant**
POSITION: Patrol Officer
DEPARTMENT: Wabash City Police Department
The following essential job functions comprise a summary of job duties, requirements, and responsibilities contained in the job description prepared for this position. The job description will serve as the primary document in the selection and hiring process: and constitutes the context for
incumbent job performance and evaluation.
Regularly patrols City streets, and other designated areas.
Investigates and reports all suspicious or unlawful activities.
Monitors radio and other communication devices and responds to citizens' calls of distress.
Stops drivers of vehicles for traffic violations. Pursues, apprehends, searches and arrests suspects. Responds to and reports traffic accidents.
Takes statements from victims and witnesses of criminal activity and accidents.
Responds to residential and business alarms.
Maintains the appearance and serviceability of police vehicle, and all issued uniforms and/or required equipment.
Directs vehicular and pedestrian traffic
Prepares and submits to superiors all required reports. Testifies in court on criminal or civil cases.

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