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Josiah White's
Job Description
Job Summary
To cook and prepare main course, complimentary dish, and vegetable for each meal. This position is responsible for cleaning designated equipment and recording food usage.  Supervision of student workers is also a job requirement.  Must demonstrate sensitivity to our service population’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics and needs.

A Christian with strong convictions who is also in agreement with White’s mission statement, Statement of Faith, and Code of Conduct. This person must have an interest in cafeteria work, be able to work efficiently with staff and students, and be at last 21 years of age. High School diploma or equivalent is required.

Primary Responsibilities
  1. Prepare and cook the main course, complimentary dish, and vegetable for each meal and place in hot pass if too early to put on line, or place on cart and take to steam table area where the cook and salad worker together can place on the steam table
  2. Prepare salad area, stock food items as needed, and cover any needs related to dish room as requested or scheduled
  3. Check menu to pull food at least three days from serving.
  4. Store leftovers properly in clean containers.
  5. Set up work stations including prep tables, service counters, hot wells, and steam tables.
  6. Conduct preliminary cleaning (pots, pans, etc.) in preparation for washing. Clean equipment (steam pots, steamer, slicers, grills, etc.) after each use.
  7. Turn on and off hot passes and steamer before and after use. Also, unlock and lock walk-in refrigerators before and after use.
  8. Work scheduled events such as parent weekends, fall fundraiser, chapel events, external guest events, etc.
  9. Supervise student workers during workday/designated shifts.
  10. Conduct daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning (carts, tables, steamers, shelves, pan racks, hot and cold passes, ovens, sinks, etc.) as directed by the Cafeteria Manager
  11. Record food usage (before and after serving) on food report.
  12. Maintain excellent customer service and positive attitude.
  13. Perform other duties as assigned by the Cafeteria Manager.

Skills, Supervision- Knowledge and Ability
  1. This position requires a person to be able to accept direction as given by Cafeteria Manager.
  2. This individual must be organized, self-directed, prompt to work, and willing to take on extra job responsibilities.
  3. This individual must be a team player, exhibiting flexibility and cooperativeness in working with other cafeteria staff, student workers, and customers.
  4. This individual must be willing to replace and/or assist other cafeteria staff members when necessary.
  5. This individual must be able to effectively communicate (both talk and listen) to students, houseparents, and supportive staff.
  6. This individual needs to enjoy working with co-workers and campus staff and must have the ability to effectively relate with others in a close working environment.
  7. This individual must be able to develop positive working relationships with students and be able to regulate and instruct students.
  8. Will be trained in Mindset and First Aid/CPR.
  9. This individual must be able to read and follow directions of recipes.
  10. Must be able to maintain professional boundaries and confidentiality.
  11. Must be committed to the Mission of Josiah White’s.
  12. This individual must function as a positive role model for residents and work well with staff.
  13. This individual should be able to work in a safe, structured environment, contribute new ways to cope with stress, and help students to learn to control their behavior.
  14. This individual must be able to go to a supervisor with questions about conversations or actions relating to a student or staff whether it was appropriate or not, should not be afraid to ask about boundaries.
Physical Demands of the Position
  • This individual must have sufficient stamina to work in hot work stations that exceed 90 degrees (dish room temperatures may exceed 100 degrees), remain standing for periods of time that exceed four hours at a time, and do manual cleaning of cafeteria equipment.
  • Endure temperatures that potentially go below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • This individual must be able to lift 30-50 pounds (pans with food) unassisted on a daily basis.
Working Conditions
  • The normal work days will be Monday through Friday. This individual will work 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  or 11 a. m. to 7 p.m. Work Hours are subject to change at discretion of supervision.
  • Attend work regularly and be on time.
  • Be flexible and willing to work for cafeteria staff in their absence.
  • Meal breaks may vary from 15-30 minutes, depending on meal being served.
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