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Catapult Advanced Manufacturing Trainer

Josiah White's
Job Description
Employment Status:


Must be a Christian with strong convictions who is also in agreement with White’s
mission statement, Statement of Faith, and Code of Conduct. This person must be 21
years of age and prior experience working in a related field is required. A.S. degree
related to Advanced Manufacturing preferred or, three to five years of work experience in
an Advanced Manufacturing environment. Experience with automation and technology
used in manufacturing is required. Must be proficient in troubleshooting and problem
solving skills. Excellent oral & written communication skills. Friendly, outgoing,
respectful attitude. Ability to lift up to 50 pounds, and stand for one hour periods of time.

Job Summary:

The incumbent of this position will train Catapult cohorts through instructional and
experiential mediums at the Wabash Campus in Wabash, Indiana. The Catapult
Advanced Manufacturing Trainer will also work closely with the Independent Living
Coordinator to identify the aftercare needs of successful interns and to prepare them for
working when returning to live in the community. He or she must demonstrate
sensitivity to the cultural and socioeconomic characteristics and needs of the service
population within Josiah White’s Residential and Family Services.

Basic Responsibilities

● Instruct and teach the Catapult curriculum centered around Advanced Manufacturing.
● Prepare materials for courses taught.
● Maintain hands-on training equipment.
● Other duties as determined by the Director of Experiential Learning and VP/Executive Director
of Residential Services .

Working with Interns

● Interviewing and hiring youth to serve as Interns in the GTFL Program.
● Provide orientation and training to new Interns.
● Enhance Intern functioning by providing basic and advanced skills training using materials
from Catapult.
● Maintain record of Intern progress in the program using the tracking sheet kept in youth file(s).
● In conjunction with the Independent Living Coordinator and Director of Experiential Learning,
provide Interns direction on home community resources related to employment opportunities,
such as manufacturing or in other fields related to their experiential learning program.
● Serve as a mentor or facilitate a mentoring relationship with an appropriate individual as
approved and agreed upon by the Intern’s Treatment Team.

Supervision of Interns in the Catapult Lab:

● Provide clear consistent rules and daily routines for Interns while working in the Catapult
program in conjunction with the Experiential Learning Director, Residential Director(s),
Residential Supervisor(s), Case Manager(s), and VP/Executive Director of Residential Services.
● Supervise Interns’ daily work-related tasks, activities, and chores.
● Work with treatment team members and other Residential staff to develop, implement, and
review Interns’ treatment plans and quarterly reports.
● Provide teaching and coaching to Interns in areas such as: social skills, interpersonal
relationships, personal hygiene, domestic skills, work habits, etc.
● Provide basic first aid for Interns if needed and apply Universal Precautions procedures when
exposed to bodily fluids.
● Engage in conflict resolution, intervene in crisis situations, and physically restrain Interns using
MindSet training to prevent risk of physical harm to the Intern or another person.
● Complete other duties relative to Intern Supervision in collaboration with the Director of
Experiential Learning, Case Manager(s), Residential Supervisor(s), Residential Director(s), and
Vice President of Residential Services such as adhering to safety plans, boundary plans, or other
special treatment needs.

Skills, Supervision, Knowledge, and Ability

● Must be knowledgeable and skilled in the following areas:
○ Standard Work Tools -Process repeatability and Safety- Quality-Cost impact
○ Lean Overview and 5S – Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardization, Self-discipline/Sustain
○ Lean Manufacturing principles
○ Standard Work
○ Job Instruction
○ Process Diagnostics
○ Building in Quality
○ Just-in-Time
○ Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)
○ Kaizen Mindset - Reduction / elimination of waste *muda
○ Employability Soft Skills as agreed upon in collaboration with the Director of Experiential
● The Catapult trainer must be a Christian who demonstrates a professional commitment to work with
children and youth of all ages, their families, the referring agency, community professionals, and the
White's Residential Services treatment team
● Must be dependable, well organized, and an effective time manager
● Must have the ability to clearly, concisely, and professionally communicate ideas through good verbal and
written skills
● Must have an understanding of basic counseling/helping skills and the Teaching Family Model
● Must be able to maintain professional boundaries and confidentiality
● Must be personable, genuine, empathetic, and able to connect emotionally in their work with youth,
treatment team, other professionals, and placing agency workers
● Must be a team player. This person needs to enjoy working closely with other staff members and have the
ability to be flexible, adaptive, and positive in his/her actions
● The ability to demonstrate a positive role model for staff and the youth assigned.

Physical Demands of Position

● Must be able to be on feet for extended periods of time, do significant walking, and actively
supervise student activity.
● Must be able to work in a variety of climatic conditions (hot, cold, humid, etc.)
● Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs.
● Apply the MindSet physical restraint techniques for Interns who are in crisis (expected to meet
the requirements of MindSet physical restraints).
● Must demonstrate physical energy and stamina throughout work day

Working Conditions

● Workdays will be Monday – Thursday 12-5PM
● Attend work regularly and be on time.
● Flexibility in taking days off to accommodate for longer or additional work days may be
● Will work holidays and weekends as scheduled, although most assigned business areas are
typically closed on all major holidays and weekends.
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