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Compass Rose Academy Family Teacher

Josiah White's
Job Description

The residential staff is the backbone and blessing of Compass Rose Academy. It is through these life-on-life relationships that residential staff are able to communicate wisdom, directives, hope, and encouragement to the young people that live at Compass Rose Academy. The relationship formed between residential staff and residents provides a bridge of communication that supports, sustains, and brings effectiveness to the counseling arena and program activities.  This relationship further creates an atmosphere of love and acceptance of a child that is longing to work through difficult circumstances in hopes of returning home as soon as possible. We ask that each residential direct care staff pour their life into our kids, working with and through difficult situations, giving them a taste of the character of God, and giving them a part of your life. It is our desire that each young person will be given a new hope, new direction, and a new start in life, as a result of the quality, professionalism, and personal relationships, demonstrated by each residential staff. This position also provides assistance and support in ensuring the mission of the organization is carried out; understands primary duties and responsibilities cited below which provide a framework but may not be inclusive of appropriate activities required of this position for efficient functioning of the organization.
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